Stuart McIntosh

Maidenhead Grid square: IO75PW

WAB square: NS37

WAB book No: 20835


I've been interested in radio since 1991. My first radio was a Rotel RVC-240 40 channel FM 27/81 cb followed closely by Realistic Pro 2042 receiver (both of which I still have). I fell away from the cb for 15 years until one day in 2013 I brought the Rotel up from the shed, dusted it off, turned it on and it still worked! I then have got heavily into it again, this time with more appetite for than before.

In Nov 2014 I passed my foundation level exam and became a 'Ham' and it's the best thing I ever did. I bought a Yaesu ft-817 and am regularly up a hill somewhere working qrp. On 3rd May 2015 I passed my intermediate exam so I now can use a maximum of 50w. I live in Port Glasgow, Scotland approx 20 miles West of Glasgow, overloking the river Clyde. Married with 3 children.

If you want to send me a message please do so via the links below, I'll look forward to hearing from new friends from around the world.

A keen homebrewer too I'll update the blog with news on the latest brews and tutorials. My youtube channel is called ''The Hoppy Hippie'' check it out.


73 for now.