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MB7IBH-L echolink net streamed live

By Stuart 2m0rot, Oct 30 2017 02:51AM

Last night the Sunday night net was streamed live to YouTube for the first time. This net is hosted by Glasgow & Clyde Raynet on MB7IBH echolink node #257003 situated at Loch Lomond, Scotland.

The net runs throughout the winter months every Sunday at 8pm and runs until there's no new check-ins or comments. If you have echolink and would like to tune in or even call in your effort will be very much appreciated.

You can view the net by following this link to YouTube

Feb 11 2018 07:50PM by Chuck Liebow

I havnt been able to connect via echolink..I had a conversation with one of you guys whoWAS able to hook up from there..but something isn t kosher from the U.S. I can hook up to Fort COllins with no issue

Feb 15 2018 01:26PM by lgpweddings

Hi Chuck, The link has had some issues of late. Try again this coming Sunday eve 8pm UK time and we'll hope to hear you. 73 Stu

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