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An amateur radio blog updated regular with my portable and qrp activations & experiences, 2M0ROT

By Stuart McIntosh, Jun 28 2017 12:26AM

I'll be updating my new blog from now on as I find it easier and less time consumming to manage.

Please follw the link below for all future posts:

New Blog

By Stuart McIntosh, Feb 28 2017 08:30PM

What do you get when you cross a Yaesu ft817nd, a MFJ-971, a random length of wire and a fence beside the seaside? A qso with Ukraine from Scotland...

Upon viewing many videos with stations tuning into fences, metal roof etc with this tuner I decided to buy one & try it out for myself. Wow! I was pleasantly surprised at my result when I ran out after work tonight to my local shore-line which has a new 200 metre stainless steel fence installed. I can't wait until the weekend to try it some more.

Video here

By Stuart McIntosh, Feb 18 2017 07:48PM

This week saw the arrival of my new proposed sota antenna the 'Whizz Loop' from Moonraker. I bought it to save having to carry masts, guy lines & pegs up a mountain if I don't really need to. Although looking at how the copper wire sways around inside the house I will probably need to guy it up anyway.

The link below shows a quick demo and my very first contact with it with OM3TWM ''Vlado'' from the Slovak Republic. Excuse the shaky camera work as I was having my dinner at the same time.

The loop cost £79.95 from the Moonraker ebay UK page.


By Stuart McIntosh, Jan 11 2017 01:22AM

Welcome to a new year. I hope you all had a great Xxmas and new year.

I have sacrificed the echolink node for a Yaesu fusion node. The new gateway will be on 144.8125 MHz and wires-x node #28603 and will be called MB6PG.

The application is still with Ofcom for approval but I'm expecting it to be live by the coming weekend.

By Stuart McIntosh, Aug 29 2016 12:50PM

The international lighthouse & light ships weekend has been and gone for another year. I'm glad to report the it was a record breaking event with more activating stations than ever before.

I was based at my local lighthouse, The 'Perch' at Port Glasgow Ref: UK0200 for both days and mostly used 20 & 40m bands. There was a Russian contest running too but vastly out-numbered by ILLW stations.

Please follow the link below to view the video from my mobile van shack.

Working conditions:

Yaesu ft-857, 20m dipole inverted v, 40m vertical whip, 10m fibreglass mast Yaesu ft2de for echolink.


By Stuart McIntosh, Aug 10 2016 02:04PM

On Saturday 30th July 2016 My family booked into the Glen Nevis campsite at the foot of the ben for 3 days as I was planning doing the walk. The campsite was very clean and well attended to although more expensive to pitch a tent than to bring your touring caravan along (for the pitches with electric hook-up at least) but we all agreed we would visit here again if we were passing by the area.

We have took the caravan over the East of Scotland for the past 10 years or so, so we forgot how stunning the scenery is in the West. The only inconveniece of camping in the West 'Midgies' but I use a great repellant so the never really bothered us that much.

Sunday 31st was walk day. I walked the Ben 5 years ago for charity and thought it was ok, I must have got really unfit over this time as I found the walk very hard indeed. Eventually we reached the summit where again there was no view due to low cloud and the temperature was only +1c so I set up my station, got my quick 4 contacts & got off there asap.

I have no desire to do the hill again unless for a good charity.

Sota ref: GM/WS-001 = 10 points

Campsite link:

By Stuart McIntosh, Jun 30 2016 01:45PM

On Tues 28th June I took my son up a local hill to see how he'll get on hill walking. He enjoyed it very much but I'm not so sure how he'll act when he's on a munro.

By Stuart McIntosh, May 26 2016 02:38PM

Our first sota of the year was in late March 2016 to the Cobbler GM/SS-020. As you see from the pics it was a fair ole slog but as soon as we got to the summit the mist cleared right on cue. I only operated on 2 metres & 70 cms hand helds to keep the weight down but we got 4 summits to summits with 2 of them in Ireland.

This weekend 28th May we plan to activate it's neighbour (Beinn Narnain) so I'll post up a reort on that.

Tranceiver: Yaesu FT2D

Antenna: Homebrew flowerpot

Spare radio: Wouxun UV8D

By Stuart McIntosh, Mar 13 2016 01:57AM

I did it!

After months of pondering and waiting for the price to come down I finally took the leap into digital. I love it so much my next imminent purchase shall be the Yaesu FTM400.

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