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An amateur radio blog updated regular with my portable and qrp activations & experiences, 2M0ROT

By Stuart 2m0rot, Aug 10 2020 01:53AM

On discovering I had a couple of bottles of Peach wine left down in the shed I decided to try it out for the viewers of my YouTube channel. I made the wine in 2005 and it was from a Solomon Grundy kit and was really nice. Will it still be nice? Watch and find out.

Link to video

By Stuart 2m0rot, Jul 10 2019 12:44AM

The annual lighthouse activation is nearly here again and yours truly shall be activating my local lighthouse for the 4th year in a row. My location on the 17-18th August will be the ''Perch'' lighthouse in Port Glasgow Ref: UK0200 and I'll be operating on 80, 40, 20 & 10 metre bands.

The weather has been very poor in all my previous activations so I'm hoping for a bit of a break this year..

All details are on the ILLW (international lighthouse lightship weekend) website HERE where you will see the scale of the event, it's a huge weekend in the amateur radio calander.

For anyone who has a QSO with my station there will be an eQSL available to email over.

73 for now

By Stuart 2m0rot, Apr 2 2018 11:23PM

The Clyde valley Friday night net was established in mid January 2018 and is quickly becoming the place to be on a Friday night in the West of Scotland. With poor DX conditions thus far we've had a station as far as the isle of Jura calling in & even Roy from Corsica trying, thanks guys! We're certainly looking forward to the good season E layer skip.

You'll find the net running every Friday eve from 7-9pm UTC+1 on channel 40 Mid band (27.405 MHz USB)

Below you'll find a video of Friday 30th March which is un-edited & went out live on Facebook, hence the portrait format in order to read & reply to messages as they came in.

Video here

By Stuart 2m0rot, Oct 30 2017 02:51AM

Last night the Sunday night net was streamed live to YouTube for the first time. This net is hosted by Glasgow & Clyde Raynet on MB7IBH echolink node #257003 situated at Loch Lomond, Scotland.

The net runs throughout the winter months every Sunday at 8pm and runs until there's no new check-ins or comments. If you have echolink and would like to tune in or even call in your effort will be very much appreciated.

You can view the net by following this link to YouTube

By Stuart 2m0rot, Oct 30 2017 12:39AM

So a busy week of CB radio is just about to get under way.

1) On Tuesday 31st October there's is the Halloween AM net from 7-9pm on channel 14 mid band (27.125am) There is usually a couple of cb groups take part in this throughout the UK so here's hoping for good conditions.

2) Thursday 2nd November marks 36 years of legal CB in the UK with a UK-wide net running from 7-10pm

on channel 36 (27/81) 27.95125 fm. Also in use to a lesser extent will be 27.125am & 27.275 usb (ch14 & 27 mid band)

3) On Saturday 4th November, to include stations who couldn't make Thurday night there will be a West of Scotland meet & convoy to mark the 36 years of legal CB from 2pm at Gleniffer Braes in Paisley, Scotland.

Hopefully we get good conditions for the events and manage to make a good few contacts.

For what I've heard there will be a good few operators tuning in so it looks like the events will be well attended.

By Stuart 2m0rot, Feb 28 2017 08:30PM

What do you get when you cross a Yaesu ft817nd, a MFJ-971, a random length of wire and a fence beside the seaside? A qso with Ukraine from Scotland...

Upon viewing many videos with stations tuning into fences, metal roof etc with this tuner I decided to buy one & try it out for myself. Wow! I was pleasantly surprised at my result when I ran out after work tonight to my local shore-line which has a new 200 metre stainless steel fence installed. I can't wait until the weekend to try it some more.

Video here

By Stuart 2m0rot, Feb 18 2017 07:48PM

This week saw the arrival of my new proposed sota antenna the 'Whizz Loop' from Moonraker. I bought it to save having to carry masts, guy lines & pegs up a mountain if I don't really need to. Although looking at how the copper wire sways around inside the house I will probably need to guy it up anyway.

The link below shows a quick demo and my very first contact with it with OM3TWM ''Vlado'' from the Slovak Republic. Excuse the shaky camera work as I was having my dinner at the same time.

The loop cost £79.95 from the Moonraker ebay UK page.


By Stuart 2m0rot, Jan 11 2017 01:22AM

Welcome to a new year. I hope you all had a great Xxmas and new year.

I have sacrificed the echolink node for a Yaesu fusion node. The new gateway will be on 144.8125 MHz and wires-x node #28603 and will be called MB6PG.

The application is still with Ofcom for approval but I'm expecting it to be live by the coming weekend.

By Stuart 2m0rot, Aug 29 2016 12:50PM

The international lighthouse & light ships weekend has been and gone for another year. I'm glad to report the it was a record breaking event with more activating stations than ever before.

I was based at my local lighthouse, The 'Perch' at Port Glasgow Ref: UK0200 for both days and mostly used 20 & 40m bands. There was a Russian contest running too but vastly out-numbered by ILLW stations.

Please follow the link below to view the video from my mobile van shack.

Working conditions:

Yaesu ft-857, 20m dipole inverted v, 40m vertical whip, 10m fibreglass mast Yaesu ft2de for echolink.


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